Our story

Once upon a time...

Following my return from my expatriation in Malaysia, where I was able to see the benefits of swaddling for my daughter, I decided to create Tante Reine, and to offer you practical, pretty and ethical swaddling bags, in order to make your life easier, and to soothe your babies' lives
Three years ago, I tested swaddling on Philippe, my first child, with a muslin swaddle but I didn't persevere (especially in the middle of the night!) because I found this ancestral wrapping technique difficult to achieve.

Two years later, as an expatriate in Malaysia, I tried it again on Albane, my second child, with adapted and more practical products. It was a success! A baby who is soothed, reassured and goes back to sleep easily.

When I return to Europe in September 2021, I decide to create my own swaddling bag, following medical recommendations, with a production method in line with my values, and carefully selected quality materials.

Our mission

Making life easier for parents and calming for babies with quality products.

our values
Particularly sensitive to the origin and quality of the products she uses for her own children, Chloé makes a point of designing ethical and responsible products.
Tante Reine - Couverture d'emmaillotage - Coton bio GOTS

Quality and durability

"At Tante Reine, we want our products to last and be passed on".

The products we offer are made of 100% organic cotton, which guarantees high quality standards.

We favour quality, soft and naturally elastic fabrics for the well-being of your babies.

The fabrics are specifically selected to last over time and to be passed on within the same family (from sister to brother, from cousin to cousin, and vice versa). We try to design timeless and mixed pieces.

All our products are validated by health professionals (paediatrician, general practitioner, midwife, and nursery nurse), in order to ensure a safe and physiological baby position.
Tante Reine - Couverture d'emmaillotage - Atelier


"At Tante Reine, proximity and respect for working conditions throughout the production process are a priority"

All our suppliers are European. The fabrics come from France, Portugal and Germany. The labels are made in Germany. The closures come from Belgium. Our production facility is located in Poland.

The use of the GOTS label for many of our fabrics guarantees environmental (textile fibres come from organic farming) and social (optimal working conditions during textile processing) requirements.

Customer satisfaction

At Tante Reine we are positive, authentic and responsive.

Our customers' satisfaction is a priority, whether it be in their purchasing process, in their product experience, or in the way they interact with us.

We make it a point of honour to communicate authentically and transparently, reactively so that you are fully satisfied, and positively and optimistically (two major character traits of Chloé the designer).