Our answers to your frequently asked questions about swaddling

What is swaddling?
Swaddling a baby consists of wrapping the baby in a cloth or swaddling blanket to reassure him or her and to help him or her fall asleep. The baby is thus returned to the cocoon of its mother's womb.

The baby is in a physiological position:
> The blanket follows baby's shape and movements
> The baby's hips and legs are free (the fabric remains loose at this point), the upper body is grouped together

This is a technique that has been used throughout the world for generations.
What is a swaddle?
A swaddle bag is a sleeping bag that swaddles by its shape.

There is no opening in the arms for the baby to be swaddled, contained. The baby's lower body is free to move.
What are the benefits of swaddling?
There are many of them! Here are the main ones:

- ensuring safe sleep and maintaining the newborn's constant temperature
- facilitate falling asleep
- to secure, calm and reassure baby

- help reduce crying
- provide comfort during breastfeeding
- avoid the Moro reflex (uncontrolled arm movement, an archaic reflex, the baby jumps at an unexpected noise or feeling of falling)
- Reduce colic

Swaddling is often used for premature or sick babies because of its calming and reassuring effect. But even a healthy baby can benefit from the comfort of swaddling.
Until what age can I swaddle my baby?
We recommend swaddling your baby until he or she is about 3 months old.
It is not recommended to swaddle your baby when he can roll over.
At what time of day can I swaddle my baby?
It is important to limit use to sleeping times. The rest of the time, the baby must have access to its body to enter into a relationship with the outside world.
How should I position my baby's arms?
Most often, your baby will place his arms folded against his chest, with his hands as close to his face as possible, as he was in his mother's womb.

He can also put his arms up or along his body, depending on his comfort.

See a demonstration video here.
How do I dress my baby under the swaddle?
The baby should not be too hot.

Depending on the outside temperature, we recommend :
- In winter: a long-sleeved bodysuit + warm pyjamas
- In summer: light pyjamas or even a simple bodysuit depending on the heat.

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